Childishly, perhaps stupidly, I never thought that Lee would leave us, and that vice versa he would remain, with his physical body, always with us.This is precisely an understandable, childish, and perhaps selfish desire. But Lee exists beyond the body, as he has always demonstrated, crossing our hearts, our mood and our soul, with great art and deeply unique mastery, pure and true.The biggest hug goes to Mireille Perry who has always supervised together with her love Lee, all the projects I conceived and created for Jam Ra.May God still give us time to live and remember by living, Lee Scratch Perry and his magical essence, in Jesus Christ, Jesse the Hammer of Justice, as he himself calls it, Amen.Postil:”The world is going to an end, and I’m not scared”. Lee still gives us a joy, an awareness and maybe even a magic trick, or a spell, or a blessing, to help, accompany and mitigate what seems to be still the general concern. That of a End, to be replaced with a perpetual New Beginning.
The Rainbow.

Raffaele Ferro aka Rankin Alpha, founder and director of Jam Ra Records

A new work and a new figure – but at the same time very ancient – that manifests itself. Pipecock Jackxon! Certainly. Inspired by the famous album The Return of Pipecock Jackxon * in which, after destroying his musical sanctuary (legendary Black Ark Studio)Lee Perry manifested himself with one of his most important pseudonyms. A real moment of Catharsis and new Creation.Here it is. Now, thanks to Raffaele Ferro – producer, alongside Dubital, of the Science, Magic, Logic album (2017) friend and collaborator of Mireille and Lee Perry for years – comes a new musical adventure. Three covers from the aforementioned famous album * and other brand new tracks.

Entirely arranged, produced, recorded and mixed by Raffaele Ferro AKA Rankin Alpha, under the supervision of Mireille Perry, Lee Perry and Dubital.Vocals recorded at Lee Perry’s secret Swiss laboratory by Noel Campbell and in New York by John Palmer.Mastered at SV Studio (Serravalle / Pistoia / Italy) by Gabriele Gai.All instruments and mixing by Rankin Alpha (aka Raffaele Ferro) and the Clumsy Ghosts – featuring musicians from The Dub Lab crew.


1 Untitled Roots

2 Babylon Cookie Jar a Crumble(Revisited)

3 No Cigarette Reggae

4 Give Thanks to Jah (Revisited)

5 Riddim Mash Down Ism and Skism

6 Black Moses ina Red Trousers

7 Who Killed the Chicken (Revisited)

8 Babylon Cookie Jar a Crumble (Revisited) [DUB]

9 Give Thanks to Jah (Revisited) [DUB]

10 Who Killed the Chicken (Revisited) [DUB]


Entirely arranged, recorded and mixed by Rankin Alpha (aka Raffaele Ferro/Dubital) and the Clumsy Ghosts, under the remote control and blessing supervision of Mireille and Lee Perry.

Lee Perry Vocals recorded at Lee Perry’s secret Swiss laboratory by Noel Campbell and in New York by John Palmer 2016/2017.

Mastered at SV Studio (Serravalle / Pistoia / Italy) by Gabriele Gai aka DJ Guy/Dubital.

Additional Musicians (The Dub Lab- ITA / UK):

Carlo “Carly Bendje” Raffaelli- Drums on Black Moses ina Red Trousers 

Marco “Haze” Caroti- Solo Guitar on Black Moses ina Red Trousers 

Emiliano “Emiblues” Degl’Innocenti – Solo Guitar on Riddim Mash Down Ism and Skism

Raffaello “Lello Iguana” Braccesi – Drum Programming and keys on Babylon Cookie Jar a Crumble (Revisited), No Cigarette Reggae

Alberto “Albedub” Giuliani – Drum and Bass programming, keyboards on Untitled Roots

Marco “Boncho” Bonciolini- Percussions on No Cigarette Reggae

Marcello Orlandini- synth on Black Moses ina Red Trousers 

Artwork Cover by Jam Rart Studio

Original photographs courtesy of Akira Tsutsui, taken at Black Ark Studio: Cardiff Crescent 5, Washington Gardens, Kingston /Jamaica 1982.

Special thanks to Chris Durning which with his experience partecipated to the production, with suggestions and ideas , and for the love, friendship and concrete support he showed to Jam Ra over the past years and to further projects.Without him this work wouldn’t be realized.

Special thanks to Matteo Magni (Dubital Dub Master) for his presence , although limited, in the process of realization of this work.

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