Rankin' Alpha - Run for Cover

Rankin' Alpha Run for cover

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Tracklist :

  1. Daniel
  2. Blackman redemption
  3. Curly locks
  4. Curly locks Dub
  5. Bless the Weed
  6. Dreadlocks In moonlight
  7. Dreadlocks In moonlight Dub
  8. Fever Dub
  9. I am the Upsetter
  10. Psyche an Trim
  11. Run for cover
  12. Soul rebel
  13. Soul Rebel Dub
  14. Stand and look (Barberman)
  15. Super Ape
  16. Fade the Devil (Disco Devil)

[JMR002] Rankin’ Alpha – Run for Cover

A real compendium of cover songs by the wonderful Lee “Scratch“ Perry‘s huge discography which Rankin’ Alpha produced, mixed and performed alongside The Clumsy Ghosts and Dubital.
Arranged, performed, recorded and sung by rankin’ Alpha & The Clumsy Ghosts.

Additional musicians:
Carly Bendje : drums on Fade the Devil (Disco Devil )
Marc Haze Carrots: guitars on Stand and Look
Boncho: percussions on Daniel

Mixed by Rankin’ Alpha and Matteo Magni (Dubital) at Clumsy Lab and SV Studio, mastered by Gabriele Gai (Dubital) at SV Studio.