Science, Magic, Logic

Lee "Scratch" Perry Science, Magic, Logic


Tracklist :

  1. Negril
  2. Upsettin Power Station
  3. Show Me the Way to the Black Ark
  4. Curse Evil (Most of the Dreads a Joke)
  5. Fireball Come Down from Heaven
  6. Me & Raffaele
  7. Miserable Satan
  8. Science, Magic, Logic
  9. Science, Magic, Logic (Dub)
  10. Voo Dem
  11. Tales of the Unknown
  12. Only One God
This album present the true essence of the Jamaican genius, Swiss by adoption, already creator of the music called Reggae and its Xperimental version,  Dub. After more than sixty years in business as singer, producer, arranger, creator of great stars and musical and artistic trends, Lee Perry talks back in its history, the ghosts of his past and of his powerful and funny endless resource of irony, philosophy, realities of life and unique creativity.
Science, Magic, Logic is the album for which Lee Perry Xpresses all his memories trough mystic/realistic meditations, in purpose to happily destroy his own ghosts of past and, at the same time, evocating the supernatural forces who drive his work from ever, rebuilding a new future. Future in One God , in One Harmony and, above all, in the neverending and crucial fight against the Anti Christ.
At the age of eighty one years Lee Perry and Dubital, along with his wife Mireille Perry ( with precious help by Noel Campbell), realizes this entire album of songs, spoken words, spells and incantations…
Electronica, House, Dub, Reggae, Jazz, Soul, Blues …

Magic, Science and Logic

Dubital give thanks to the Musicians and friends who has collaborated in the realization of this work:
Lee & Mireille Perry, Noel Campbell, Maria Rodski, The Clumsy Ghosts, Francesco Iovino & Francesco “Dep Kin” Lippi, Andrea De Witt, Flappa & Nagades, Carlo “Charly Bendje” Raffaelli, Lello “Iguanaman” Braccesi, Alessandro “Buzzy” Ferro, Filippo Buresta, Emiliano “Magic Bone” Degl’Innocenti.
Special thanks to Marco “Haze” Caroti & Alberto Bambi for the confidence in this work through two years of realization.

More thanks to Giovanni @ La Maestà and Alessandro/Gabriele @ S.V. studios for the masterings.

Performed By Rankin’ Alpha & The Clumsy Ghosts

Post Produced and Mixed by Dubital except tracks 4/11 remixed by F.Buresta aka D-Ready

Cover art by Lee Perry and Maria Rodski
Cover graphic by Jam RArt Studio